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From: Michael DaVinci
Subject: He Had to Find Out part 1Casey shivered as the car turned off the highway and approached the main
gate of the resort. He glanced at his best friend John, who was quietly
reading a novel next Lolitas Nude to him in the back seat.How can he Lolitas Nude be so calm? Casey thought. I'm dying here!The closer Casey got to his goal, the more scared he felt. As soon as Casey
had heard that John's family were all nudists, he knew he had to try it. And
not just try it - he wanted something far more specific. He wanted to meet a
young naked female, Lolitas Nude talk to her and touch her while naked, and finally
confirm that he was attracted to women. He felt like his entire manhood was
at stake.It had taken all his nerve to ask John if he could join them for the
weekend. Now he could see the main gate looming over them and he was
starting to feel really terrified. His hands were Lolitas Nude shaking. His mouth was
dry. He tried to quell the feelings by focusing on everything else - the
tall birch trees lining the road, the steep hill just past the gate, the
lush valley below, and the clear sunny day that made everything look so
sharp and clear.Casey's stomach continued to flutter as they slowly descended the hill into
the secluded campground below."Relax, Case, you'll be a pro before you know it," reassured John.Casey faked a smile, but grabbed his friend's knee and only half-joked, "You
may have to help me through this!" John just giggled at him before turning
to the window and starting to wave to some people near a camper to the
right.Suddenly he heard John shouting "Michael!" as a tall lean teen wearing
nothing but sneakers turned towards them, flashing a smile and starting to
wave back. "John Boy!" he retorted, and came running towards the car, his
thick blond hair bouncing over his eyes and his dick flopping from side to
side with each step."What you got there?" asked the naked teen, peering at Casey in the dark
shade of the car."I told you I was bringing Casey!" replied John. "Casey, meet Michael."Casey blushed as Michael leaned further into the car and extended his hand.
Knowing he was stark naked somehow made it seem very unreal. Casey also
found himself surveying Michael's body, at least what he could see over the
window's edge. He leaned over John and extended his hand in return to
Michael's. "Hi Michael," he responded, showing a thin smile despite his
fear.Michael squeezed Casey's hand warmly, then turned to John and flashed a
knowing grin. Casey felt a stirring in his groin, something he had hoped
just wouldn't happen. Then Michael stepped back from the car and said, "Go
get settled, then we can all take a swim together." Casey gulped as he
imagined what that would be like. He stared at Michael's crotch, noticing
his long uncut dick and tight balls.Casey fell back against the seat, as John's father abruptly released the
brake and the car started moving. Then he gasped as he realized that both
John and his sister were starting to pull off their shirts."Come on," prodded John, "it's time!"Casey took a deep breath and tried to ignore the prickles of fear that were
running down his spine. This was what he had been waiting for all winter and
spring. He couldn't back out now. Slowly he tugged at his own T-shirt. By
the time he had pulled it completely over his head he noticed Beth leaning
forward and lifting her butt off the seat in order to slip down her shorts
and panties. He saw her budding tits in clear view, and admired her smooth
young buttocks.When Casey felt his dick starting to grow again, he turned away from Beth
towards John, in a vain attempt to abort his growing excitement. But he saw
that John too was already buck naked, his shirt and shorts a small heap on
the floor of the car. He noticed how muscular John's trim figure was
becoming, a result of his gymnastics training this year. Casey stared down
at John's perky dick, still flaccid but poking forward from a small nest of
dark brown pubic hair that had also sprouted this last year. Seeing John
only helped to make his own dick grow harder.I can't back out now! I want this! grumbled Casey to himself. It's the only
way I am going to get it! he coached himself, as he grabbed the side of his
shorts and prepared for the moment of truth.Then suddenly he felt Beth's hand grabbing at the top of his shorts. "Come
on silly, let's see what you look like!" she giggled."Hey!" he retorted, as he turned and looked her over more carefully this
time, not failing to stare at her hairless vulva that was now visible to
him.She grinned back at him, looking down at herself and then back at him. "So
now you saw me, it's my turn to see you!" she asserted gleefully.Then he felt John nudging him from the right. "Lift your butt, we'll help,"
offered John, as he began to claw at the top of Casey's shorts. With a deep
breath, Casey gave up and allowed the inevitable. He put his hands on the
seat back in front of him, leaned forward and raised himself up a bit. He
held his breath as John and Beth lowered his shorts in one quick motion,
leaving his firm butt hanging out and his now very hard erection pointing
towards John's parents in the front. To his horror, John's mother turned
toward him and smiled pleasantly, saying nothing.Realizing how visible he was, Casey blushed and sank back down again, only
to feel Beth lean over him and take a long hard look at his throbbing dick.
He looked over to John as if to ask what to do. John just grinned and said,
"Well done, you're off to a good start!"***So that's how Lolitas Nude it started. Five more episodes to come. Write me at if you feel like commenting. If you want a side
trip to my other publications (through an alter ego) make a visit to and spend a few moments. If you have a gay or bi theme
or a favorite fantasy that you would like me to build a story around, let me
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